About Allure

Allure Laser Skin and Aesthetic Medicine Centre provides dermatological and skin care services. We are based at The Hub, Karen, Nairobi, City Mall-Nyali & Nakumatt-Cinemax, Mombasa, Kenya.

All based on your individual needs, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care to our patients using the most up-to-date techniques, products, and equipment. Our skill and advanced knowledge result in customized, effective experiences for all our patients.

We take pride in providing our patients with the best in specialized care. A research based outfit, we provide you with the latest, most effective treatments.

The clinic provides up-to-date cosmetic procedures and full-service medical dermatological care. We treat all age groups and encourage families to use our clinic. Men, women and children are welcomed.


Location : Nyali City Mall, Mombasa
Tel No : 0722 315 315 / 0739 315 000


Location : Nyali Cinemax, Mombasa
Tel No : 0720 153 153 / 0733 153 000


Location : The Hub, Karen
Tel No : 0720 153 153 / 0733 153 000